How to Use Our App

Connect to the Module

Make sure that the Bluetooth HM-10 module has a red flashing light. If it's not flashing but you can see the red light, then it has been connected to some other device. If there's not red light, then the module is not on. Go to the Our Product > Create One for Yourself page to see how to configure the Arduino. 

Controlling the Motors

Once you've connected to the module, the screen to the left should now pop up. 

If you have any problems with connecting to the device, here are some quick tips:

If these tips do not work, please contact us at the Our Team page. 

Capturing the Photos

Now that you have angled the camera in the correct way with the motor, you need a way to connect to your camera to actually take the photo. As there are other apps that connect to cameras, the "Camera" page of our app redirects you to these other apps depending on the camera you are using. There, they will tell you how to use the app. 

If you are using a camera that the app does not support, please contact our team either using the app or the Our Team page. 

Thank you for the using the app and let us know how you like it by using our contact page.